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Naipu Culture


Naipu Core Corporate Culture

Enterprise Goal

——An Enterprise with Durability, A Range of Products Globally Popularized

Business Vision

——A Leader in the Industry, A Winner by Quality

Enterprise Spirit

——with one heart, jointly make creation, make progress together, share together

Business Principle

——High Quality, High Technology, High Standard, High Efficiency

Enterprise Attitude

——Honesty and Faith, Responsibility, Regulation, High Efficiency

Enterprise Slogan

——Keep improving 1% every day, yourself and the enterprise as well.

Naipu Culture Wall

Value Judgment System of Naipu Company

1. Concept of Talent Person

Everyone is a talent; horse racing rather than horse watching. He is a talent who is competent for his assignment. Use up one's physical energy is a poor choice, use up one's ability is a normal choice, and use up one's talent is a smart choice. He is a qualified talent who possesses concept of team work and spirit of utter devotion.

2. Concept of Learning

The growth of Naipu Co depends on the ability of learning. It is an everlasting job of the Company to conduct pre-induction and on-job-training. Let the abled teach and do not feel ashamed to ask and learn from one's subordinates. Function as a model of "pass on experience, help and guide" and set up a "Study Style" team and enterprise.

3. Concept of Management

Management yields efficiency, and management promotes development. Problems of all kinds in an enterprise are eventually derived from its management, or in another word, the problems lie in the managerial level. A sound management assures a long term prosperous enterprise.

4. Concept of Development

Position correctly, grab chances, win-win co-operate. Where there is none, we have; where there is some, we have better ones. Give our products high tech and high added value, and make a leader in the industry.

5. Concept of Regulation

Regulation and innovation result in control. Regulations shall be operable and executed. Having ground to base on, and having regulations to follow make a clear and definitive system that guides the moving forward and assures the steady development of Naipu Group.

6. Concept of Service

Customers are "those, on whom Naipu Company's livelihood depends". Everyone is a ring on the market chain, and the upstream process serves the downstream process. Premium products require premium services. Service systems and levels are one of the key elements of judging Naipu's overall competitiveness.

7. Concept of Quality

Quality originates from details. Each process shall be carried out seriously. Quality is the pass to the market and is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Products reflect personality.

8. Concept of Resource

Talents are the initial resource of an enterprise. Making good use of your resource could be more significant than how much resource you possess. There are valuable intangible resources such as technological innovation ability, service network establishment, enterprise reputation, brand name and image. To integrate resources fully, to make full use of each post, and to let each piece of equipment function better are issues we should consider now and in the future.

Naipu's Quality Control System

1. Everyone in the enterprise shall be involved in the quality control management.

2. That mature or immature a technology is will directly affect the product quality.

3. He who ruins the brand name of the Company will have his name removed from the Company.

4. Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise and is the pass to the market.

5. Preventive quality control is better than remedial quality review.

6. Products reflect personality. Credits originate from premium quality.

7. Establish your credits before selling your products. Quality surpasses quantity.

8. Qualified products are made by qualified people.

9. Quality lays a foundation for a hundred-year development, and quality founds an evergreen enterprise.

1. Naipu Headquarters

  • naipu gate

    Naipu Company Gate

  • naipu culture

    Naipu Culture Wall

  • Administration Office Building

    Administration Office Building

2. Naipu Workshops

  • Naipu R&D center

    Quality Detection and Control Center

  • rubber mixing workshop

    Rubber Mixing Workshop

  • finished product workshop

    Finished Product Workshop

  • mold workshop

    Naipu Mold Workshop

  • pump assembly workshop

    Pump Assembly Workshop

  • rubber_lined pipe workshop

    Rubber_lined Pipe Workshop

  • rubber pump workshop

    Rubber Pump Workshop

  • rubber pump workshop

    Vulcanization Workshop

3. Naipu Clients

  • Naipu clients

    Naipu Foreign Customers

  • Naipu clients

    Naipu Clients Europe

  • Group Photo on Tianjin Exhibition

    Group Photo on Tianjin Exhibition

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