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Talents are the first element of an enterprise for success; an optimized talent resource configuration and an effective use of talent effect are prerequisite of the constant development of an enterprise.

With the growing of Naipu Company, talents are demanded more and more. Naipu develops and manages talents with the guideline of markets and corporate strategic targets; talents are given professional develop space.

Those who are of merits and intelligence are assigned key posts with confidence; those of merits but lack of intelligence are trained and supported; those with no merit but intelligence are rejected.

How we use people: a scientific and high efficient examination system; a rational and sound motivation system; a clear promotion mechanism; a competitive payment system.

How we keep people: a positive and sound welfare system; a healthy and encouraging corporate culture; a characteristic professional plan; a high efficient and harmonious teamwork atmosphere.

Welfare Policy:

1. Twice salary adjustment opportunities per year with a proportion of 30% each; the machine repair shop enjoys a floating wage of 100 yuan per month; and the vulcanizing workshops enjoys a quality award of 200 yuan a month;

2. Accommodation or housing subsidies and certain subsidies for utility bills.

3. Work meal allowance.

4. Employees enjoy seniority pay. The company shall provide employees with 120 yuan/month award when their working years add one every one year, and the award is cumulative year by year.

5. Employees enjoy greeting gifts on Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival and other national holidays, as well as birthday cake provided by the company.

6. The company carries out excellent staff appraisal activities regularly every year, gives a certain amount of material reward and honorary certificates to individuals who are awarded the title of excellent staff; and organizes excellent staff to travel outside depending on circumstances.

7. Relevant departments and the Trade Union of the company will have an interview with employees from time to time and the company will give material support to the needy employees.

8. The company pays “Five Insurances and One Fund” for its employees. The five insurances refer to endowment insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance. One fund refers to housing fund.

Interests provided to employees by the company in the process of common growth:

1. Provide employees with promotion opportunities and platforms, for example, to grow from an employee in the workshop to a management backbone of the marketing department;

2. Design growth planning for employees, for example, since an intern enters the company, the HR Department has designed a personal growth incentive mechanism for him;

3. Good cultural atmosphere, which in mainly reflected in the united and friendly working relationships among colleagues and no misunderstanding between the leadership and individuals;

4. The company values personnel training, for example, to select some technical personnel to receive professional knowledge in universities;

5. The company implements a year-end benefit bonus system, for example, the company takes a corresponding coefficient according to the sales targets as the rewards for key personnel;

6. The company respects the employees’ participation in business management, allows employees to propose reasonable opinions and suggestions and adopts good policies;

7. The company strives to be listed and promote its rapid development. Being listed will enhance the company’s popularity and competitiveness, meanwhile, employees’ salary, working environment and welfare will also be improved effectively;

8. The company has developed a long-term and strategic business development goal and linked the fate of the enterprise and its employees closely; in hope of all Naipu people shall share ups and downs together with Naipu.

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