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flotation machine spares KYF flotation spares

A quick reference list used Naipu flotation machine spares

1. Jinchuan Group, Gansu: KYF-50 flotation machines;

2. Dongguashan Copper, Tongling Non-ferrous Metals, Anhui: WEMCO-130 flotation machines;

3. Erdenet Concentrator, Mongolia: WEMCO-130 flotation machines;

4. Wunugetu Mountain Cu&Mo, China National Gold Group: KYF-160 flotation machines;

5. Dashan Concentrator, Dexing Copper, JCC: KYF-200, KYF-160, KYF-70 flotation machines;

6. Sizhou Concentrator, Dexing Copper, JCC: KYF-130 flotation machines;

7. Peru Project of Chinalco Group: KYF-320 flotation machines.

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