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mill spares Dashan SAG mill

Rubber and alloy composite liners applied in mines by Naipu clients all over the world

Composite liners are a new type of liners, particularly engineered by Naipu to address SAG mill leakage due to discontinuous cracks in large alloy liners or loose liner bolts with insufficient pre-tightening force, and over-grinding of material. This type of liners extends the service life of liners and improves the mill grinding efficiency, winning clients' positive comments.

1. In Dashan Concentrator, Dexing Copper, JCC, China, F.E. and D.E. rubber liners were used onΦ10.37x5.19m SAG mill and Φ7.32χ10.68m ball mill etc.

2. In Dongguashan Concentrator, Tongling Copper, China, F.E. and D.E. rubber liners were used on Φ8.5χ4m SAG mill and φ5.03χ8.3m ball mill etc.

3. Cooperate with CITIC Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd, China, Rubber liners were used on Φ12.2χ11m ball mills by SINO Iron, in Australia; used on Φ5.5χ8.8m ball mills by CONCEICAO Iron, Vale, in Brazil; used on Φ7.9χ13.6m ball mill by SINO Iron, in Australia.

4. In Saindak Cu & Au Mine, MCC, in Pakistan, rubber liners were used onΦ5.03χ6.4m ball mills and Φ2.7χ4m ball mills.

5. In Dazhong Mining, Inner Mongolia, China, rubber liners were used on Φ2.7χ3.6m grate ball mills.

6. In Xinjiang Jinmai Int'l Logistics Co. (Tajikistan Mining), F.E. and D.E. rubber liners were used on Φ3.6χ4.5m ball mill and Φ3.6χ5.3m ball mills. The complete set of rubber composite liners were used on Φ5χ2.3m SAG mill and Φ5.5χ1.8m AG mill.

7. In Fengning Xinyuan Mining, Heibei, China, the rubber liners were used on Φ2.7χ3.6m ball mills and in Dahongshan Iron Mine, Yunnan, China, the F.E. and D.E. rubber liners were used on Φ8.5χ4.27m SAG mill.

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