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Vibrating screen spares Naipu screen spares

Screen spares used in Shandong Gold Mining (Laizhou) Ltd. Jiaojia Gold Mine

Naipu screen spares were used widely in 3060, 3660 vibrating screens in Shandong Laizhou gold mining Ltd., the Jiaojia gold mine. Compared to traditional screen panels, the service life and screening efficiency of Naipu rubber screen panels are more than 6 months and 90%. And the service life and screening efficiency of polyurethane screen panels: 7days and 80% (Drop point)

Parameters of equipment

Vibrating screen model: 3060 3660 vibrating screen
Capacity: 560T/h
Screening efficiency: 92%
Particle size: maximum size on screen 200
qualified particle undersize< 12mm

Features of Naipu rubber screen panels

1. Long service life

2. Less plugging

3. High screening efficiency

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