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Slurry Pump Cases

Slurry Pump Cases

Mongolia slurry pump

CNGG Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd

Naipu slurry pump 550 used in CNGG Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd

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cyclone feed pump

Yichun Luming cyclone feed pump

3 sets of Naipu cyclone feed pumps used in Yinchun Luming Mining plants.

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450 slurry pumps

Anhui Tongguan(lujiang) Mining Co., Ltd, primary mill classifying pump

Naipu 450 slurry pumps were used in primary mill classifying plants in Tongguan Mining.

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gold mine slurry pump

KSO Gold Mine New Concentrator, Laos, SABC Circuit Mill Discharge Pump

Naipu supply 16 sets of 450 slurry pump for KSO and SABC circuit mill.

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Yichun slurry pump

CREC Resources Yichun Luming Molybdenum Mine Tailings Thickener Underflow Pump

In November, 2013, 2 sets of Naipu 450HTU-NZJA-MR slurry pumps were used as thickener underflow slurry pump before sulfur separation.

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copper mine slurry pump

Copper Mine, Uzbekistan, SABC Circuit Cyclone Feed Pump

In June 2015, Naipu 4 sets cyclone feed pumps or heavy duty slurry pumps were used in SABC circuit in a copper mine, Uzbekistan.

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Iron Ore slurry pump

Yuanjiacun Iron Mine of TISCO, Secondary Grinding Mill Cyclone Feed Pump

22mtpa Iron Ore Project, Yuanjiacun, Lanxian Mining Co., Ltd, TISCO

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slurry pump used in Dexing copper mine

SABC Circuit Cyclone Feed Pump in Dexing Copper Mine

4 sets of Naipu 450 slurry pump used in Dexing copper mine

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slurry pump 100NZJA-MR

2 Sets Slurry Pump Sale to Shanhai Trading Co., Ltd, Yunnan

Slurry pump used for long distance tailings transfer in copper mine.

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200NZJA-R slurry pump

SAG Mill Train, Erdenet Cu/Mo Mine, Mongolia

Naipu slurry pump 200NZJA-R was used in SAG mill train with throughput 420t/h.

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