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copper mine slurry pump SABC slurry pump

Copper Mine, Uzbekistan, SABC Circuit Cyclone Feed Pump

In June 2015, Naipu 4 sets cyclone feed pumps or heavy duty slurry pumps were used in SABC circuit in a copper mine, Uzbekistan. Naipu supplied 4 sets of cyclone feed pumps, 2 in duty and 2 in standby. 450HTU-NZJA-MR slurry pump throughput is 22kt/d and its head is 38m.

Parameters of equipment

Date when put into operation Est. 2015-06
SAG mill specification 9.5x5.4
Ball mill specification 5.8x7.12 off
Cyclone feed pump throughput 22kt/d
Slurry Pump Model 450HTU-NZJA-MR
Flow 2827M3/H
Head 38M
Installed power 630KW
Density by weight 52%
d50 0.12
Quantity 4 sets (2 in duty 2 standby)


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