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slurry pump 100NZJA-MR slurry pump in copper mine

2 Sets Slurry Pump Sale to Shanhai Trading Co., Ltd, Yunnan

In November 2009, 2 sets Naipu slurry pumps were used in 3-stage ore dressing system there were used for long distance of tailings transfer in mine. Now they are working in good condition and Naipu provides slurry pumps spares such as rubber wet ends, rubber frame plate liner insert for six years.

Parameters of equipment:

Slurry Pump Size 100NZJA-MR
Flow 194m3/h
Head 67x3m
Power 110KW
QTY. 2 sets, 3-stage in series
Application Long distance tailings transfer
Put into operation 2009-11


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