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Iron Ore slurry pump Yuanjiacun slurry pump

Yuanjiacun Iron Mine of TISCO, Secondary Grinding Mill Cyclone Feed Pump

Operating Conditions of the Slurry Pump

These have been served as hydrocyclone feed pumps in closed regrinding mill circuits; Pump performance has met Contract requirements: Q=3151m3/h, H=41m, n=370rpm, Eff=80%, N=782kW;

Pumps have run smoothly, with low failure rates and normal bearing temperature. Vibration and noise levels have met the mechanical industrial inspection standards of JB/T8097-1999 and JB/T8098-1999;

Service life of wet end parts: the four sets of 450NZJA-MR pumps installed on two lines were put into operation on December 1, 2012 and up to July 15, the rubber wet end parts manufactured by Naipu in these 450NZJA-MR slurry pumps have been used for 10242 hours accumulatively without changing a single piece. Based on the current wear conditions, another 2000 hour continual operation will be expected, resulting in a total service life of over 13000 hours.

Performance Comparison with Like Product:

Rubber-lined 450NZJA-MR slurry pumps developed and manufactured by Jiangxi Naipu Mining Machinery and New Materials Co., Ltd have been proven by actual operations to satisfy production and process requirements, with stable operation and low failure rates. Wet end parts in these slurry pumps last longer and cost less than those installed in imported slurry pumps for the same job. A better cost/performance ratio lowers the ownership cost for the Operator, and lessens maintenance and service labor intensity.

Parameters of equipment

Date when put into operation 2013-01
SAG Mill specification 10.37×5.19
Ball mill specification 7.32×11.28
Slurry Pump Model 450HTU-NZJA-MR
Flow 3151M3/H
Head 26M
Motor power 900KW
Pulp density 32.13%
Quantity 4 sets(all in operation)


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