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Ball mill preventive maintenance, SAG mill, AG mill planned maintenance

Ball Mill Preventive Maintenance

August 11, 2015 03:06:27 PM

Ball mill preventive maintenance (PM)

It is a frequency work to maintain and repair ball mills, AG mills and SAG mills. The maintenance work influences the rotational speed and service life of ball mills. In order to reduce downtime of ball mill, regular examination and timely replacement of the parts should be done. As a result, a maintenance schedule should be carried out to prepare enough wear parts for regular maintenance. Ball mill repair can be classified into three types: minor repair, repair, overhauls.

ball mill maintenance

I. Minor Repair for Ball Mill

Minor repair cycle for ball mill is about one month, (repair at any time for special conditions) and the repair items include:
1. Check and clean the oil pump, oil filter and lub. oil pipeline, then renewal the lub. oil;
2. Check all bolts on the equipment, re-fasten them;
3. Examine the large and small driving gear of the ball mill, take notes of the wearing patterns, then repair or change the small worn gear;
4. Check the coupling, replace rubber elastic ring and other spares;
5. Replace the shell liner of ball mill. Wear resistant rubber liners manufactured by Naipu are widely used in mining equipment for replacing traditional cast steel liners. Naipu spare parts for ball mill, SAG mill, AG mill include rubber liners and composite liners (rubber + alloy). Rubber liners include pulp discharger assembly segment, rubber head liner, rubber pan liner, FE head liner, rubber lifter bar etc. Composite liners include composite lifer, head liner, shell liner etc.
6. Check and repair the inlet and outlet pipe;
7. Check the feeding machine, driving system and accessory equipment;
8. Minor repairs for AG mill, SAG mill in mining are the same with that of ball mill.

II. Ball mill repair

Repair cycle of ball mill is 4 to 6 month, the repair items include:
1. All items in minor repair;
2. Examine and replace inlet pipe, outlet pipe and feeding machine;
3. Repair large driving gear;
4. Repairs for AG mill, SAG mill in mining are the same with that of ball mill.

III. Ball mill overhaul

In the repairs of mining ball mill PM, overhaul has the largest workload and the longest cycle. Overhaul means to dismantle most or all the parts of the equipment, then repair or replace the mechanical parts, electric parts, adjust working system, and then do mounting and commissioning, so as to rule out the faults and regain rated performance and precision. Overhaul cycle of ball mill is 2 to 4 years, the repair items include:
1. All items in minor repair and repair;
2. Examine and replace main shaft bearing and large gear;
3. Examine, repair and replace the shell;
4. Repair and replace inlet and outlet end cover. According to the using results of rubber liners and metal liners applied in mines, ball mills equipped with Naipu wear resistant rubber liners or Naipu composite liners have long service life than others.
5. Overhaul for AG mill, SAG mill in mining are the same with that of ball mill.

mill maintenance

IV. Daily maintenance of ball mill

1. All lubricating points and the oil surface height should be checked at least one time every 4hours.
2. The temperature of the bearing grease should not be higher than 55℃, when the ball mill stays in operation.
3. The temperature of transmission bearing and the reducer should be no higher than 60℃, when the ball mill is in normal operation.
4. When ball mills works, the large and small gear transmission smoothly, no abnormal noise, and if necessary, adjust the clearance.
5. The ball mill should operate smoothly without strong vibration.
6. Motor current should be no abnormal fluctuations
7. Each connecting fasteners stay no loose, the combined parts have no oil leakage, no leak water and no leak ore phenomenon.
8. The steel ball should be added in time according to the wear situation.
9. If you find the abnormal situation, the ball mill should be stopped immediately to examine and repair.

Spare parts manufacturer for mining mills

Naipu mining is a professional manufacturer of rubber liners, composite liners and rubber trommel screens applied in ball mills, SAG mills and AG mills. Naipu engineers can design new liners according to the drawings of provided ball mill, AG mill or SAG mill. Meanwhile, we will offer free measuring service at PM site for ball mill, in order to make a customized wear-resistant rubber liner or composite liner.

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