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Cylindrical trommel screen for sale, manufactured by Naipu

Cylindrical trommel screen manufactured by Naipu

July 21, 2015 05:11:38 PM


Cylindrical trommel screen is designed with the integration of many features of other screens. Reliable as it is, it is broadly applied in minerals classification for semi-auto and auto grinding machines and ball mills. This high efficiency sieve is successfully used in a variety of metal mine mineral processing systems.

Cylindrical Trommel Screen


1. Cylindrical trommel screen is characterized by simple structure, small space occupation and easy maintenance.

2. It need not be configured with drive device and power source.

3. The screen panel of cylindrical trommel screen adopts mosaic installation, which is easy to dismantle. And it adopts stainless steel and can be used for a long time.

4. The screen panel and guide plate of high efficiency sieve are made of wear resistant materials, which can be used for ten to twenty four months. According to requirements from clients, screen panels of various apertures can be offered.

Advantages of Cylindrical Trommel Screen

1. High efficiency

2. High abrasion and corrosion resistance

3. Long service life

4. Easy installation and dismantlement

5. Low maintenance cost of high efficiency sieve

6. Advanced design and manufacturing techniques: 3D software and abrasion analysis

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