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Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing

2015-10-09 17:15:04

World Gold Ore Deposit

Gold ore is one of the most widely distributed metal ore in the crust, with a content of about 2%.

golr ore types
2015-10-09 15:33:36

Gold Ore Types

Gold has a very small content in the nayural world, and because of the uneven distribution in the Crustal, gold enriched in some areas, forming valuable mining deposits.

Slurry Pumps for Copper Ore Dressing
2015-09-18 16:50:47

Slurry Pumps for Copper Ore Dressing

Slurry pump, as used for slurry conveying, is an important device during the process of copper ore dressing and beneficiation.

copper ore mining
2015-09-18 14:40:05

Copper Ores and Copper Mining Process

Copper occurs in two different mineral groups: sulfide ores, oxide ores, and both ore types can be economically mined.

World Iron Ore Reserves
2015-09-11 16:39:34

World Iron Ore Reserves

Iron is one of the most abundant and widely distributed elements in the earth’s crust, constituting more than 4% of the total.

Beneficiation and Processing of Iron Ore
2015-09-11 16:38:16

Beneficiation and Processing of Iron Ore

Beneficiation is a process which removes the particles like Alumina, Silica from the iron ore.

mining devices
2015-09-11 16:13:26

Devices and Machines in Ore Mining Process

An ore mining process plant for producing ore concentrates requires slurry pumps, screens, grinding mills, hydrocyclones, Agitators, Flotation, Filters and so on.

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