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Assembly Instruction and Manual for Rubber-lined Slurry Pump

Assembly Instruction and Manual for Rubber-lined Slurry Pump

September 28, 2015 04:08:58 PM

A slurry pump must be regarded as both an item of rotating machinery and a pressure vessel. All relevant safety precautions and procedures for such equipment should be observed during pump installation, operation and maintenance. Meanwhile, Naipu slurry pump assembly should accord to this instruction/manual, which strictly describes the steps for assemblying a rubber-lined slurry pump.

1. Apply L.O. to where the expeller and the locating groove in the shaft are, and fit an Impeller O-ring (No.107 in the picture) or a Shaft Sleeve O-ring (No.108), depending on the pump model. Ensure the O-ring is in the proper position.

slurry pump assembly

2. Assemble FPL Seal (015), FPL Insert (004), FPL Studs, Frame Plate Liner (006) and FPL Insert Studs of slurry pump as described below.
a) Fit FPL Seal (015) into the groove in Frame Plate of slurry pump, with the plane facing down, and it is preferred that rubber adhesive be used to hold it.
b) Fit and tighten Studs into the tapped bosses in Frame Plate Liner Insert of slurry pump(004).
c) Suspend the lifting tube with a hoist hook, and set Frame Plate Liner Insert of slurry pump on the edge, and push the Lifting Tube through the bore of the FPL Insert. Lift the Lifting Tube attached with the FPL Insert of slurry pump, and install it from the threaded end of the Shaft. Align the studs to the holes, and push Insert into Frame Plate of slurry pump. Screw the nuts on the Studs, and remove Lifting Tube.
d) Fit and tighten Studs into tapped bosses in Frame Plate Liner of slurry pump.
e) Lift Frame Plate Liner os slurry pump with a hoist hook, and align the Studs to the holes in Frame Plate. Push the slurry pump Liner onto the Frame Plate, and screw the Nuts on.

3. Fit slurry pump Impeller as follows:
a) Fit Shaft Key onto Shaft keyway, and bolt Shaft Wrench on the Shaft over the key. Check and ensure that Clamp Bolts on Side ‘B’ of Base are sufficiently tight to hold Bearing Assembly horizontally, but not to lock it.
Restrain Shaft with Wrench, and fit Set Nut on Shaft, the conical face of which will locate the Frame Plate Liner Insert in its correct position. Tighten all Studs (Frame Plate Liner Insert Studs and Frame Plate Liner Studs), and remove Set Nut.
b) Select an Impeller required for the specific application, and apply grease onto its thread. Lift Impeller with a sling or a hoist hook, and screw it onto Shaft.
While restraining slurry pump Impeller with the shaft wrench, tighten the Impeller with a metal bar inserted between the vanes. Ensure that the all the O-Rings on the Shaft are kept intact during the assembling process, and are covered by adjacent parts.

4. Install Cover Plate (008), Throatbush (003), Cover Plate Liner Seal (012), Cover Plate Liner (005) and Liner Stud of slurry pump.
a) Place Cover Plate (008) on a suitable support, with the intake flange facing down, so as to keep the flange about one inch above the ground.
b) Fit Cover Plate Liner Seal (012) into the sealing groove in slurry pump Cover Plate (with the plane facing down).
c) Fit the studs in slurry pump Throatbush (003), and align the studs to the holes in Cover Plate. Screw on the Nuts and tighten the same.
d) Fit and tighten the Liner Studs into the tapped bosses in Cover Plate Liner. Place it into Cover Plate, ensuring that Studs are aligned to the corresponding holes in Cover Plate. Fit and tighten Nuts onto Studs.
e) Lift the assembled unit of Cover Plate, Throatbush and Cover Plate Liner, and align holes in Cover Plate with studs in Frame Plate. Notes: Large Cover Plates are provided with tapped holes for eye bolts to assist lifting. Fit Nuts onto Cover Plate Bolts, and tighten evenly.

5. Assembly seal parts (metal Gland or Stuffing Box)

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