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Naipu slurry pump is used for Palabora Mining Co. in South Africa

Naipu slurry pump is used for Palabora Mining Co. in South Africa

July 21, 2015 04:09:23 PM

In August 2013, 450HU-NZJA pumps manufactured by Jiangxi Naipu mining machinery were used for 16 ball mills in Palabora Mining Copper Co. in South Africa. Manager of Palabora spoke highly of Naipu slurry pump.

slurry pump

Naipu NZJA heavy duty slurry pump is designed for large transferring of slurries. The range of flow rate is 5-15000m3/h and head range is 5-90m. Through years of research and experience, Naipu designed NZJA slurry pump has a better performance of wear-resistance.

Palabora Mining Copper Co. extracts and beneficiates copper and other by-products in the Ba-Phalaborwa area of Limpopo Province in South Africa. Palabora is South Africa’s only producer of refined copper and provides the local market with 85% of its copper requirements.

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