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NZJA-550 heavy slurry pump can uphold a flow of 5400m3

NZJA-550 heavy slurry pump can uphold a flow of 5400m3

July 21, 2015 11:00:27 AM

Heavy slurry pump is used to transport slurries of corrosive or high hardness solid particles for many industries. The performance of horizontal mine sludge pump reaches world-class level. It can uphold a flow of 5400m3. Its shaft seal adopts packing seal or vice impeller seal. Heavy slurry pump is widely applied in mining, electricity, metallurgy, and coal industries, and environmental protection.

NZJA-550 Heavy Slurry Pump

1. 750 NZJA heavy slurry pump is used in tailing transportation in Mongolia Erdenet copper mine.
2. 550/450NZJA series has been put into use in Jiangxi copper mine, Zhongjin gold mine, Mongolia Erdenet copper mine.

Advantages of Heavy Slurry Pump
1) Unique wear-resistant design (structure and material) to ensure a long service life of wetted parts.
2) Wide range of performances and high efficiency of horizontal mine sludge pump.
3) Multistage tandem technology to meet long distance transportation.
4) High performance cost and simple maintenance.
5) Wetted parts of various textures to meet all kinds of working conditions.

Quality of Heavy Slurry Pump
1) Rubber front plate can be working for 205 days.
2) Rubber impeller equipped in horizontal mine sludge pump enjoys a long service life (about 120 days, twice the time of other impellers).
3) High wear-resisting rubber
This kind of rubber is featured by high resilience, chemical stability, anti-cavitation, and small density. Besides, it absorbs noise and vibration and makes wetted parts of heavy slurry pump light and easy to install and replace.
4) A series of quality tests
The working process is tested respectively by operators and quality inspectors to ensure a high quality.

Technology Merits of Heavy Slurry Pump
Jiangxi Naipu Company cooperates with many nationwide famous mining research and design institutes to gain their technological supports. Besides, the company is able to design domestic first-class mining equipment and develop new products.
1) EDEM discrete finite element analysis software
2) Analysis of solid particles movements in horizontal mine sludge pump cavity
3) Optimization of structure design of parts
4) Enlarging flow section design
5) Decreasing internal flow velocity
6) Design of uniform cross section flow velocity to ensure uniform abrasion of heavy slurry pump
7) Back-blade design to reduce damage and abrasion
8) Large diameter water head of impeller to decrease the abrasion of cover plate

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