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Operation Notice of Slurry Pump

Operation Notice of Slurry Pump

September 07, 2015 03:47:42 PM

When in operation, slurry pump should be put on the floor and the suction pipe in water. Because of the structure limit, dredge pump and sump pump should be put in water and the electrical machine should be above the water. The electrical machine should also be firmly fixed because once it enters the water, it’ll stop working.

Operation Notice of Slurry Pump

It's better if there is a stand-by pump to operate in turn. To prevent the pump from being stuck, a mesh can be put at the water inlet.

For slurry pump, the electricity and engine are the most important. To know the condition of the engine, you can refer to the previous maintenance record. For slurry pumps that use mechanical seal are not allowed to operate without the supplying of seal water.

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