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Slurry pump is applied in the transportation of corrosive slurries.

Application of Slurry Pump

September 07, 2015 03:37:39 PM

Slurry pumps are suitable for transferring high erosive slurries in industries of metallurgy, mining, coal, power generation and environmental protection. In metallurgical mills, they are used for transferring ore pulp. In heat-engine plant, they are used for ash pumping, and in coal washing plant, they are used for transferring coal slurries. Additionally, slurry pumps can also be applied in dredging the waterway and sand removing for rivers. In chemical industries, slurry pumps can transfer corrosive slurries which contain crystal.

Application of Slurry Pump

Currently, 80% of the slurry pump application is in mining industry. Due to the bad primary selection operating condition, the average service life of slurry pumps is short. The requirement for slurry pump design is very high in coal washing industry because big coals like gangue are easy to block. A coal washing plant which belongs to Huaibei Mining Bureau used a special designed slurry pump to replace the one imported from Australia in 2005. And it has running faultlessly till now.

When applied in riverway sand removing, slurry pump is usually called sand pump. When used to dredge the waterway, slurry pump is known as dredge pump or sludge pump.

Though the application of slurry pump is very wide, the right use of it is of key importance. In fact, sand pump or gravel pump, dredge pump or sludge pump are all within the application of slurry pump.

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