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Slurry Pump Operation Manual

Slurry Pump Operation Manual

September 28, 2015 03:36:51 PM

When you want to startup your Naipu slurry pumps, you should check the NP slurry pump handbooks carefully. Slurry pump brochures is one part of our package for our clients. Check the system with the following steps for the initial operation of a slurry pump:

(a) Check shaft seal:

For a slurry pump, the pressure of the sealing water should be 34.5KPa higher than that of the pump discharge. Adjust the gland so as to obtain a small flow along the shaft.

A rubber lined slurry pump has a rubber expeller ring. This slurry pump applies normally a lip seal, and no grease is needed.

(b) Loosen shaft:

Slurry pump bearing is locked for shipment purpose so as to avoid shaft vibration and damage.

Before operating the slurry pump, dismantle the set screw to free the bearing. Then rotate the shaft clockwise with the wrench to check if the shaft can rotate the impeller smoothly. Should there be any noise, adjust the gap of the impeller to eliminate the noise.

(c) Check rotation direction of motor:

Remove all the V-belts or the coupling. Especially be noted that if the rotation is in opposition to the direction indicated by the arrow on the slurry pump, the impeller will unscrew and fall out of the shaft, causing damage the pump.

Run the motor, check the rotation direction. Make sure the slurry pump shaft rotates along the direction indicated by the arrow on the slurrypump.

Reinstall all the V-belts or the coupling. Tighten the belts and make sure shafts are aligned.

(d) Start the pump:

Check the tightness of all the belts, the free rotation of the impeller and the normal condition of the shaft seal. If sealing water is used, check the pressure.

Check the flow rate with a flowmeter, or estimate the flow on the discharge outlet.

Check leak rate at the packing seal. If the leaking is low, and the gland is warm, then loosen the gland nuts. If it does not work, and the gland gets hot, then stop the pump and let the gland cool down. The gland nuts should be loosened so that the packing behind it is movable.

When the discharge pressure reaches 150psi, use mica-lubricated asbestos braided packing (as of Tulip 35). When it exceeds 150psi, use asbestos and PTFE braided packing (as of Chesterton Bluclon ). When it exceeds 300psi, a neck ring will be installed between the gland and the outer packing.

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