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Structure of slurry pump: pump head, pump body, pump cover, wet ends, etc.

Structure specification of slurry pump

September 07, 2015 03:41:24 PM

Pump Head

Pump head technically refers to pump body and pump cover. Pump body mainly connects to rotor. It makes impeller, shaft seal and bearing assembly connected through bearing. Pump body and pump cover forms a closed cavity. The inner of pump body and pump cover is the lining of slurry pump. The lining material has two types of rubber and high- chromium alloy.

Structure specification of slurry pump
  1. M, AH, AHP, HP, H, HH series slurry pumps are double-pump structure, that is, the pump body and pump cover are with replaceable wear-resistant metal lining including impeller, volute liner and throatbush. The pump body and pump cover are made from gray cast iron or nodular cast iron. They are horizontal split and connected by bolts. The discharge can be rotationally installed by eight angles. Impeller cover plate is with back vane so as to reduce leakage and improve service life.
  2. EHM, AH series slurry pump is horizontal, vertical split and with double-pump structure. The pump body and pump cover are with replaceable wear-resistant metal lining. The lining material is high chromium wear-resistant alloy. The wear-resistant lining has a long service life and thus lowers the operation cost.
  3. D, G series slurry pump is with single-pump structure. The pump body, pump cover and impeller are made from wear-resistant metal. The connection method of pump body and pump cover uses clamping structure. The discharging direction can be any rotation angle, making it easy to install and disassemble.
  4. EVM, SP series slurry pump is a vertical type slurry pump. SP series is also single-pump. The pump body and pump cover can be made from metal or rubber.

Bearing Assembly of Slurry Pump

Pump bearing assembly is of cylinder structure thus making it easy to adjust space between impeller and throatbush. When maintaining, bearing assembly can be disassembled as a whole. Grease lubrication is used for bearing.

Shaft Seal of Slurry Pump

Shaft seals of slurry pump include packing seal, expeller seal, mechanical seal, etc.

Drive Arrangement of Slurry Pump

Drive arrangement of slurry pump include V-belt drive, elastic coupler, gear reducer drive, fluid coupler, control techniques and silicon controlled speed regulator. V-belt drive contains C, CV, CR, ZL, ZV and ZR drive.

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Pre: Slurry pump is applied in the transportation of corrosive slurries.

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