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Wet parts of a slurry pump

1. Introduction to the wet parts of a slurry pump

September 07, 2015 03:57:02 PM

Wet parts are damageable parts of slurry pump that often need to be replaced. Wet parts of different slurry pump have different replacement period due to different working condition and flow material. Naipu supplies our customers with complete sets of pump assemblies as well as a variety of abrasion resistant wet ends. Site service is also available with quality guaranteed.

Wet parts of a slurry pump

Naipu slurry pumps have two kind of wet parts, which are high-chrome alloy wet parts and rubber wet parts.

1. Set of metal wet ends include bearing assembly, frame plate, frame plate liner insert (metal), metal impeller, metal volute liner, metal throatbush, metal cover etc.

2. Set of rubber wet ends include rubber frame plate liner insert, rubber frame plate liner, rubber impeller, rubber cover plate liner, rubber throatbush, etc.

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