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Naipu SP(R) sump pump is a vertical, centrifugal slurry pump

June 23, 2015 02:24:51 PM sump pump

The SP(R) sump pump is a vertical, centrifugal slurry pump. It is suitable for de¬livering abrasive or corrosive slurry and the pump is always immersed in the sump or pit to operate. They feature an unlined casing design, characterized by design simplicity, minimum number of parts, and light overall weight. The SP(R) sump pump is widely used for mining, chemical industry and each facto¬ry and mine industries.

Naipu sump pump has two types: SP and SPR, and they have the same construc¬tion. The wet-parts and shaft for type SP is made of metal for delivering abrasive slurry while type SPR are lined with corrosive-resistant rubber for delivering corrosive slurry.

The pump casing, im¬peller and wear plate of SP sump pump are made of wear-resistant material. The pump casing is fixed on the frame with bolts and the bearing body is installed on the top end of the frame. The double rows taper roller bear¬ings near pump and the single row cylindrical roller bearings near drive end may bear the max. axial load of the pump. The base plate or frame of motor is installed on the bearing body. They may be directly driven or by vee belt. The belt pulley may be easily replaced for adjusting the pump speed to meet the duty variation or performance variation after the pump has being worn. There are split mounting plates on the frame. The mounting plates may be easily mounted on the steel frame base or concrete base. It has the advantages of easy installation and convenient operation. Pump can be immersed in the slurry pump for work. The pump inlet is equipped with lower strainer to prevent the large particles from en¬tering the pump.

The construction of SPR pump is as same as type SP pump perfectly, but the outside of parts immersed in the slurry is lined with corrosive-resistant rubber. These parts with rubber liners are pump casing, impeller and wear plates. Hie con¬necting bolts immersed in the liquid are all lined with rubber protecting bush. The driving end of type SPR pump is as same as type SP pump.

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