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Rubber Discharge End

June 11, 2015 10:22:12 AM


Anti-corrosive rubber liner is always equipped to reduce impact and friction caused by materials and grinding machine. A metal framework and anti-abrasive rubber make up the liner. Featured by stable performance and simple structure, rubber discharge end is widely used in mineral processing field.

Rubber Discharge End


1. Anti-corrosive rubber liner has features of wide range of performance, high efficiency and high performance cost ratio.

2. Rubber discharge end is light, thus easy to install and maintain.

3. As the name suggests, anti-corrosive rubber liner is made of rubber which is of high elasticity and chemical stability. The rubber also absorbs noise and vibration, which is more anti-corrosive than high chromium alloy.

4. Some metallurgy design and research institutes and universities of science and technology provide lots of technological supports. Thus, Jiangxi Naipu rubber discharge end is trustworthy and effective.

5. A series of quality tests are carried out when rubber mill discharge liner is used.

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Rubber end plate can be used to increase the efficiency of grinding. On the other hand, it is able to protect mill end cover. The end plate is installed on the discharging end. Composed of metallic framework and wear-resisting rubber, rubber plate for grinder has good performance and it is light. In addition, it has a simple structure, thus easy to install.

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