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Rubber Pulp Lifters

June 11, 2015 10:25:18 AM


Rubber pulp lifters are necessary for mills, which strengthen grinding effects and improve efficiency. Rubber lifter bars for grinding machine can be used for 36 months, while the metal ones are 12 months. Made of rubber material, they are much lighter and anti-corrosion.

Rubber Pulp Lifters

Advantages of Rubber Pulp Lifters

1. A unique wear-resistant (structure, material) design

2. Wide range of performances and high performance cost ratio

3. Stable and durable

4. Easy maintenance

5. Absorbing noise and vibration

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Anti-corrosive rubber liner is always equipped to reduce impact and friction caused by materials and grinding machine. A metal framework and anti-abrasive rubber make up the liner. Featured by stable performance and simple structure, rubber socket liner is widely used in mineral processing field. 1. Anti-corrosive rubber liner has features of wide range of performance.

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