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Spare Parts for Hydrocyclone

July 01, 2015 10:05:09 AM


A cyclone cluster is composed of overflow box, hydrocyclone, operation platform, underflow box, pneumatic gate valve and staircase. Naipu can supply the whole unit and also supplies the individual part as spares, mainly the hydrocyclone.

Structure of Naipu hydrocyclone is not a simple cone. We has a professional designed feed chamber which increases the capacity of slurry treatment, meanwhile, decreases the abrasion of feed chamber and overflow pipe. Thus, the design leads to maximum separation efficiency and longer wear life than converntional involute or tangential feed cyclones.

Linings of cyclones are wear resistant rubber or polyurethane, which is of top quality in the world.

Hardness Tensile Strength Breakage Elongation(%) Permanent Deformation Tearing Strength Resilience Proportion Roller Abrasion Temp. range
38 27 MPa ≥700% 8% 44N/mm 68% 0.98 0.02 cm3/40m -20~+75

Hydrocyclones Features:

  • 1. Increased circuit capacity
  • 2. Longer service life of wear parts
  • 3. Wider application range
  • 4. Finer separation size
  • 5. Higher efficiency
  • 6. Design and model selection available

For more information about our hyudrocyclone, please click here.

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