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Mill Rubber Panel

June 11, 2015 10:10:12 AM


The mill rubber panel is frequently used in overflow ball mills, rod mills, industrial scrubbers and washing drums, and so on. It functions to prevent mills from abrasion and adjust grinding state. Wear resistant rubber plate consists of metal framework and rubber. And its streamline is very reasonable. The panel is in trough shape. Currently, it is a necessary spare part for mining equipment.

mill rubber panel


1. Mill rubber panel has high efficiency and a unique anti-abrasion design.

2. It takes less time and money to maintain and repair.

3. Wear resistant rubber plate enjoys wide range of performances and high performance cost ratio.

4. Just as the name shows, mill rubber panel is manly made of rubber which features high elasticity, chemical stability and small density. It is far more anti-erosive than metal high-chromium alloy. And the rubber also features absorbing noise and vibration.

5. Light as it is, wear resistant rubber plate is reliable and stable.

6. Mill rubber panel is trustworthy in quality. Naipu has the national fist-class mining equipment design ability and can develop new materials and products. Besides, the company also gains technological supports from design institutes and universities. And a number of quality tests are carried out in the production process.

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