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2012-year Process Technique Game Ended in NAIPU

June 02, 2015 01:14:44 PM

In order to inspire all staff to do better on his post and improve the company’s overall technique level, NAIPU Trade Union organized a 2012-year-technique game on July 25th.

2012-year Process Technique Game Ended in NAIPU

At 8:30, technique game of the lathe workers was been holding in the machinery works. Before the game, our trade union chairman Zhu Jianping expressed his hope that all participants should do their best to present NAIPU’s spirits during the competition. All the players complied with process technique and operation rules and contributed to the game when it begins. The game lasted for 7 hours and Yu Bing, our deputed general manager, guides at site. In the end, Zhang Xiaoquan, Wei Guo and Zhou Yunxing got the top three. Our deputed general manager, Yu Bing and trade union chairman, Zhu Jianping as well as the machinery works director, Xu Shirong gave the prizes and bonuses to the winners, and pictures are taken with all participants.

2012-year Process Technique Game Ended in NAIPU

Our company expressed wishes that every worker and office should promote staff to have a training. We shall find technique masters and difference to enable them to grow to lay a solid foundation as well as to enhance strength for our company’s development.

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