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Badminton Competition 2013 in NAIPU

June 02, 2015 09:58:41 AM

On the morning of Nov 3rd, 2013, a badminton competition organized by our Labor Union was held and ended in success. There were all together 28 employees participated, 20 for men’s team, 8 for women’s team.

Badminton Competition 2013 in NAIPU

The competition was carried out in ballot singles with eliminations round by round till the final. In a warm atmosphere, players were full of energy and match climax comes one after another. Among them, there were several senior players performing excellent skills, such as deep high service/shot, smash, cut, and drop, which won a lot of applause. Finally, Weng Chonglu from QC Center won the first place of the Men’s while Fan Jingfeng from Production &Technical Dept and Sun Jinlong from Machinery Manufacturing Dept won the second and the third respectively. The first place and second place of the Women’s went to Nie Lihong and Yu Wenjuan from Financial Dept and Machinery Manufacturing Dept respectively.

Badminton Competition 2013 in NAIPU

This competition not only greatly enriched employees’ cultural and sports activities but also improved employees’ enthusiasm in participation, which also embodied the spirits of “Dare to Struggle, Striving for Excellence” of the NAIPU’s.

Badminton Competition 2013 in NAIPU

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