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Badminton Competition 2014 Held in NAIPU

June 01, 2015 05:27:15 PM

“Naipu Badminton Competition 2014” was held on October 26, 2014 at Feiyang Badminton Club, hosted by Labor Union of Naipu Company, for the purpose of enriching spare time life and interaction among employees. Games began at 8:30am and lasted for the half day. Players were enthusiastic, showing good spirits.

Badminton Competition 2014 Held in NAIPU

The competition consisted of Men’s Single and Women’s Single. Participants from various departments fought for their honor, showing a different side from gentle office behavior to tough sports spirits, being them men and ladies. A cheerful atmosphere as well as a stubborn effort was seen during the games. After rounds of close competition, Ma Liming from Production and Tech Dept won the champion of Men’s Single while Zhang Jun from HR Dept was crowned in Women’s Single. Labor Union Chairman Zhu Jianping handed out the awards to the winners.

Badminton Competition 2014 Held in NAIPU

When the game is over, Labor Union Chairman Zhu Jianping and Vice Chairman Hu Qing took group photo with the winners in the games. It turns out a big success. Furthermore, such activities are planned to entertain employees.

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