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Boneng group came to NAIPU for exchange and guidance

June 02, 2015 01:27:33 PM

On 11th July, Wen Xianlai, board chairman of Boneng Group Company and all senior leaders came to NAIPU for exchange and guidance. Zhenghao, Board chaiman and Chengsheng, general manager and all senior leaders attended the exchange activity. Both sides exchanged their views, reached a consensus and enhanced the friendship between the two brother enterprises.

Boneng group came to NAIPU for exchange and guidance

At the exchange meeting, our board chairman, Zhenghao expressed that the two enterprises management mode are similar, although two companies’ products are different and that both enterprises can learn from each other’s superior management experience and mode to realize their high and sustaining development. Board chairman, Wen Xianlai of Boneng Group also said the friendship between the two enterprises had a long history and the purpose of this trip was to exchange management experience and views of existing problems and confusions in the management for the directors of the two companies.

Boneng group came to NAIPU for exchange and guidance

At the meeting, the two enterprises’ managers had a friendly and open exchange and technical talent introduction. Training of college students and salary system were discussed. Leaders of both sides said this form of communication was necessary and meaningful, and we would continue to develop similar communication in future to improve the two enterprises’ management and enhance the friendship between both sides to achieve mutual benefits.

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