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Deputy Director of Provincial SCPC Visited NAIPU

June 02, 2015 01:46:58 PM

Mr. Chen Daheng - Deputy Director and Vice Party Secretary of Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress, Visited NAIPU on the afternoon of May 9, being accompanied by Mr. M. S. Dong-Party Secretary of Shangrao City, Ms. W. Xia – Standing Committee Member, General Secretary of the City and Propaganda Dept of Shangrao City, Mr. J. Q. Pei – Vice Director of Municipal People’s Congress, Mr. Y. L. Wang – Party Secretary of Shangrao EDZ Management, Mr. W. P. Zheng – Deputy Party Secretary and Director of Shangrao EDZ Management.

Deputy Director of Provincial SCPC Visited NAIPU

Mr. Hu Jinsheng - NAIPU’s Deputy GM and Chief Engineer, and Mr. Wu Yongqing –Deputy GM and CFO of NAIPU, escorted the guests to the pump assembly shop, the vulcanization shop and the machine shop. They took a close look at the tooling and products, inquired the management and operation of the Company. Mr. Chen comments that NAIPU has developed rapidly in the past few years, and has made significant accomplishment. He hopes that NAIPU will reach top rank and world level in this aspect by way of scientific and technologic innovation, and good management of equipment and technique. He will expect NAIPU to make more progress in this fast pace of development.

Deputy Director of Provincial SCPC Visited NAIPU

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