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Diplomats in China Visited NAIPU

June 02, 2015 01:42:47 PM

Consuls general to China from Mexico, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka and other delegates, accompanied by Mr. Z.M. Zhang – VP of Jiangxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. M. A. Zhu – Vice Mayor of Shangrao, Ms. M. J. Wang – Dpty Director of Shangrao Foreign Affairs Office and Mr. Y. L. Wang – Party Secretary of Shangrao EDZ Management, visited NAIPU Company on May 24.

Diplomats in China Visit NAIPU

The guests arrived at NAIPU’s factory at 4p.m., and were warmly welcomed by NAIPU’s GM Mr. Cheng Sheng. Together, they then toured through Pump Workshop and Vulcanization Workshop. The visitors showed great interests in NAIPU’s products, inquiring their descriptions and uses, also learned a profile of NAIPU. They bid farewell to NAIPU and took with them some photos of the company as a keepsake.

Diplomats in China Visit NAIPU

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