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Financial Aid to 10 University Students of DongTuan Town

June 02, 2015 10:26:41 AM

On the morning of August 23rd, 10 poverty-stricken university students from DongTuan town arrived at NAIPU Company for accepting our financial aid. Top executives from the Company, as of GM Mr. Cheng Sheng, deputy GM Mr. Yu Bin and deputy GM&CFO Mr. Wu Yongqing, attended the handing-out of the fund to them.

Financial Aid to 10 University Students of DongTuan Town

During the donation ceremony, GM Mr. ChengSheng inspired students to be ambitious by keeping developing their hard striving spirit, facing yet overcoming difficulties and challenges with optimistic and positive attitude, studying hard to master skills, so as to become a composite talent with integrity and competence. Student representative Miss. Zhang Qinqin gave a speech saying: "Thanks so much for the aid of NAIPU, which helps make us confident and hopeful in our future education. We will remember the love and aid from our fellow citizens by heart, study hard and keep improving ourselves so that eventually someday, we could give it back, with our full passion, to the society and everyone who cared and helped us, and what's more important, let the spirit last.”

Financial Aid to 10 University Students of DongTuan Town

The board chairman Mr. Zheng Hao and other executives of NAIPU are very much warm-hearted in charity and public welfare actions, as they believe these are the social liabilities they should take. They have been paying great importance to the assistance program of DongTuan Town. Right after the financial aid to 10 university students of Dongtuan Town last year, our company aided another 10 students this year again so as to help make their dream of going to university come true.

Financial Aid to 10 University Students of DongTuan Town

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