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“March 8” Women’s Day Celebrated at NAIPU

June 02, 2015 11:20:37 AM

To celebrate the “March 8” Women’s Day and to enrich spare time activities for women employees of NAIPU Company, a game of Chinese checkers was held in the mess hall of the Company on March 8.

“March 8” Women’s Day Celebrated at NAIPU

Two o’clock on afternoon of that day saw most of the women employees attending the game. Cheers and laughs were a normal thing on the competition site, and the players both enjoyed the game and relaxed themselves from busy work. After rounds of knockouts, Ms. Jiang Jie from the Production and Tech Dept. won the championship, while the runner-up and the third place were won by those lucky players.

“March 8” Women’s Day Celebrated at NAIPU

After the activity, women employees mostly expressed their feelings on this very day, when women around the world celebrated this international holiday, that the Company does take care of them and they feel respected and are encouraged to make contribution to the development of the Company.

“March 8” Women’s Day Celebrated at NAIPU

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