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NAIPU Company aids ten poor college students in Dongtuan town

June 02, 2015 01:11:06 PM

On the morning of August 23, ten impoverished college students and their families from Dongtuan Town, together with Dongtuan Township leader ZhanFeng and discipline inspection commission secretary ZhengWeiQing came to NAIPU to participate in our company’s public welfare activities donation ceremony "supporting in pairs ". ChengSheng, our general manager with YuBin, deputy general manager and WuYongQing, CFO, Zhu JianPing, trade union chairman attended the donation ceremony and awarded grants for college students.

NAIPU Company aids ten poor college students in Dongtuan town

In the donation ceremony, general manager of our company ChengSheng encourage students continue to carry forward the hard work style, to overcome difficulties and challenges, and strive to learn the knowledge, skills, to grow a talent with both ability and integrity of inter-disciplinary. GuanHuiQin, representing the college students, said: "Thanks for the aids that NAIPU Company gives to make us confident with our future when we are in difficulties. We will bear your helps in mind and work hard to return society, return each person who gives us help to pass the love on." NAIPU Company, as a new and high technology enterprise in Jiangxi Province, actively puts into the charitable public welfare undertakings, takes social responsibility and reveals an enterprise cultural value. Our board chairman ZhengHao and other senior leaders have attached great importance to the aids of Dongtuan town and various public welfare undertakings, and hope to take practical action to contribute to the building of harmonious society.

NAIPU Company aids ten poor college students in Dongtuan town

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