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NAIPU Employees climbed Lingshan Mountain

June 02, 2015 11:08:37 AM

The undergraduates’ Lin Shan Mountain climbing is organized in NAIPU to enrich employee’s life and strengthen undergraduate developing on 12th, May. Many employees took an active part in it.

NAIPU Employees climbed Lingshan Mountain

At 9 a.m., they took our company’s bus to the foot of Lingshan Mountain and prepared the climbing. As commanded, all climbed to the top of the mountain with full passion and excited state. Due to the steep mountain, everyone encouraged and helped each other with team spirit. It lasted two hours, and finally they reached the top of the mountain. Although all sweated, but they were glad and took photos happily. After a short rest, they again set foot on the mountain road, and everyone reached the foot of the mountain one hour later. Simple after dinner, everyone take shuttle bus home.

NAIPU Employees climbed Lingshan Mountain

Although everyone was tired, but they all said they not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, also enhanced the friendship between them. It’s hoped more such activities will be organized in the future.

NAIPU Employees climbed Lingshan Mountain

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