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Naipu Mining on the China Mining Congress and Expo 2015

October 26, 2015 04:52:35 PM

On Oct. 20th to 23rd, 2015, Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center witnessed the China Mining Congress and Expo 2015 (the 17th year event), which was sucessfully hosted by the Ministry of Land & Resources, Tianjin Municipal People's Government and China Mining Association. Jiangxi Naipu Mining Machinery and New Materials Limited Company participated in this huge exposition.

confress and expo

China Mining Congress and Expo

China Mining Congress and Expo, as one of the world's largest mineral investment, cooperation and trading platforms, covers the whole value chain, including geological surveying, exploration development, mining rights and minerals trading, mining investment & financing, smelting & processing, technique & equipment, mining services and many more.

China Mining Congress & Expo is dedicated to following a path towards sustainable development and to being a part of global mining development trends. It combines conference, exhibition and coherent events to build a major annual event of mining dialogue, exchange and cooperation for the whole mining sector.

Naipu Mining

Jiangxi Naipu Mining is a manufacturer specializing in developing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing mining equipment and spares. Naipu develops a variety of products, including slurry pumps and rubber spare parts, hydrocyclones, rubber liners and trommels for ball mill, AG mill and SAG mill, rubber stators and impellers for flotation machines, rubber and polyurethane screen panels and plates, steel and rubber composite pipes and hard-wall mining hoses.

Aiming at the industrial development trend, Naipu persists in Innovation of science and technology, product Innovation, management innovation and service Innovation", believes in the management idea of, la leader in the industry and a winner by quality". Utmost efforts shall be made to serve our customers, and to manufacture high-efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly mining equipment.

Naipu on the China Mining Congress and Expo 2015

As a professional manufacturer in the indstry of mining, Naipu took a participation in the China Mining Congress and Expo 2015.

Our staff were communicating with the vistors.

naipu on the 2015 tianjin expo

Naipu rubber lined slurry pump on the expo.

naipu slurry pump

Naipu rubber rotor and stator for flotation machines on the expo.

rotor and stator

Naipu rubber slurry hoses on the expo.

slurry hoses

Naipu trommel screen for ball mill, AG mill and SAG mill on the expo.

trommel screen

Naipu screen plates for vibrating screen on the expo.

screen plate

The potential customers were vistiting our products.


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