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NAIPU's “High-Efficiency Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump” Winning Provincial Appraisal

June 02, 2015 09:52:53 AM

A provincial appraisal meeting was held on November 23, 2013 in NAIPU’s conference room, with attendees consisting of experts from the Provincial Science-Tech Dept., Municipal Science-Tech Bureau, County Science-Tech Bureau, Provincial Machine Science Research Institute, Provincial Chemical Industry Research Institute, Jiangxi Electromechanical College, Provincial Mechanical Engineering Research Association, DS Concentrator of Institute of Dexing Copper, Tongling Non-ferrous Group, Jiangsu University, and Nanchang Aviation University. This science-tech achievements appraisal meeting was focused on the high-efficiency heavy-duty rubber-lined slurry pumps for mining industry independently researched and developed by Naipu. This pump successfully passed the appraisal on the meeting as a provincial new key product. The rubber liners in this slurry pump are also the initial products among the peers in China.

Naipu’s “High-Efficiency Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump” Winning Provincial Appraisal

On the appraisal meeting, the experts got a close hearing of the report on the R&D process, performance merits, and service life of this Naipu rubber-lined slurry pump, and also raised questions on the designs, technologies and techniques, in-situ applications, and market development. NAIPU’s chief engineer and relevant technical personnel made detailed replies to these experts. The attendees checked and examined the related information and documents submitted by Naipu, and inspected the prototype. The experts drew a common inclusion that the technical documents submitted, in complete, correct and consistent formats, complied with the requirements for appraisal, and the materials selected for the product, the production technology as well as the figures had achieved an advanced level in this industry among the peers. They all agreed to approve the appraisal.

Naipu’s “High-Efficiency Heavy-Duty Slurry Pump” Winning Provincial Appraisal

This meeting of provincial new key products appraisal and science-tech appraisal persisted on standards, objectiveness, fairness, publicness and transparency, with a reliable operating procedure and a true and trustable outcome. This event reflects the continual growth of Naipu’s R&D tech strength, capacity, and team, and significantly raises NAIPU’s reputation, promoting the marketing in both domestic and overseas markets for this series of heavy duty slurry pumps, which have been independently research and developed by NAIPU.

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