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President of Hunan Hongyu visited NAIPU

June 01, 2015 03:25:49 PM

On 25th of May, 2015, Ms. Hongyu Zhu, President of Hunan Hongyu Wear-resistant New Materials Co. Ltd, visited NAIPU. Escorted by NAIPU president, Mr. Hao Zheng, the team visited NAIPU’s different plants, workshops and warehouses. After the visiting tour, both parties held one in-depth meeting with the specific introduction of each company condition, main protducts, R&D and production etc. and the development prospect of the companies. Both parties also exchanged ideas and reached an initial intension on the possible cooperation of techniques and products. Ms.Zhu said that she acknowledged the strength of NAIPU through this visit, and there were lots of complementarities and good cooperation chances for both parties. She wished both parties could build up long term cooperative relationship and sincerely invited NAIPU team to visit Hongyu.

President of Hunan Hongyu visited Naipu

Hunan Hongyu is a professional company on the R&D, design, production and sales of wear-resistant material and supplies customized technical solution for high efficient wear-resistant materials. Its main products cover grinding balls, liner, grinding bars for ball mill, which are broadly applied on the high energy consuming industries such as mining, cement, thermal power plant and metallurgy and help them to save energy and improve the efficiency. Hunan Hongyu went to public on GEM of SZSE in 2012, being the only public company in wear-resistant industries.

President of Hunan Hongyu visited Naipu

President of Hunan Hongyu visited Naipu

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