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Rubber Mixing Skills Competition of NAIPU in 2014

June 01, 2015 05:40:03 PM

To promote the standardization of management, inspect the actual implementation effect of Operation Instructions, improve the operational skills of our workers and form a thick atmosphere of studying skills, our company held a "Rubber Mixing Competition" on July 24th.

Rubber Mixing Skills Competition of Naipu in 2014

Before the competition started, the labor union president Zhu Jianping expressed his wish that players operate in strict compliance with the process to win good scores. At 9:00am on the morning of 24th, the competition started. Firstly, it came the paper test of theories, which helped consolidate theoretical knowledge of the players. After that, time for operation test. The test included steps from getting small material from trolley to the end of first-stage kneading machine...till its completion of vulcanization. In order to supervise and urge workers to operate in strict compliance with Operation Instructions in future production, judgers made careful assessment towards the details of each operation steps. Finally, He Kuitian won the first place in operation test. Wang Zhiqiang ranked first in the test of theories as well as the integration of Theories and Operation.

Rubber Mixing Skills Competition of Naipu in 2014

At 4 pm, on the 24th, the awards ceremony was held in the rubber mixing workshop. President Zhu Jianping handed out bonus to the winners and encouraged all players to work as good as what they performed in the competition, strengthen their sense of responsibility and contribute their power to improve product quality of the company.

Rubber Mixing Skills Competition of Naipu in 2014

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