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Standing Member of CPC of Jiangxi Province Visited NAIPU

June 02, 2015 04:34:29 PM

On the morning of June 18th 2009, Liu Shangyang, the Propaganda Department Director inspected NAIPU Group as entrusted by the Provincial CPC Committee. Director Liu engaged in harmonious dialogues with Chen Sheng the CEO. Mr. Chen extended thanks for provincial leaders' concern and briefed Liu on NAIPU Group' production and sales of the previous year as well as prospective development. After in-depth collection of information about NAIPU Group, Director Liu made positive comments on the Group, signaling determined efforts of the Provincial CPC Committee to support corporate development and encouraging enterprises to operate independently in wading through the difficult times. At the same time, Liu also instructed the enterprise to seek "opportunities" through "crisis" and stand out in the next stage of development.

Standing Member of CPC of Jiangxi Province Visited NAIPU

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