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Strengthening Safety Training & Improving Fire-fighting Skills of the Staff

June 02, 2015 04:31:36 PM

To improve fire-proof awareness and fire-fighting competency of the staff and to increase overall firefighting ability of the enterprise, the Group carried out relevant activities regarding production safety in August. As a member of the NAIPU Group, one must remember production safety at any time and persist in carrying out the policy of "security first and prevention paramount". The staff makes the main body of safety work. Production safety is closely correlated to staff's safety awareness, which makes it a necessary task to carry out safety training for the staff. The Group takes it a regular task to incessantly conduct safety training, giving all of the staff an idea of relevant rules and regulations, demanding spontaneous regulation compliance in staff's daily life, and conducting practical drilling on some safety items. To ensure production safety, the Group has established a production safety leadership team and given warnings via various publicity instruments in the enterprise, held safety training sessions, constantly reminded all the staff, especially frontline employees of the sense of work safety. The enterprise has installed such regular instruments as fire hydrants, fire-fighting hoses, which were checked by related departments, and set up firefighting records, replaced those fire extinguishers which were expired or pressure dropped, and insisted on the awareness. The long-term and thorough preparation has placed various safety equipment in a "permanently ready" state.

Strengthening Safety Training & Improving Fire-fighting Skills of the Staff

On top of stepping up safety training, the Group attaches especial importance to the staff's practical drilling competence and improves their fire-fighting skills, letting them get to master the operation of fire hydrants and extinguishers in practice.

"Care for life and develop in safety". We must constantly alert ourselves to the importance of safety, be aware of potential losses, and raise safety awareness. Training and drilling exercise serve to further improve staff's fire security awareness and self-aid competence, constructing a solid foundation to our group's safety development.

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