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Vice-Governor of Jiangxi Inspected NAIPU

June 02, 2015 09:31:03 AM

Mr. Hu Youtao, the vice governor of Jiangxi Province, accompanied by leaders from Shangrao Municipal Party Committee and Government and those from the Economic Development Zone, made a special employment visit to Naipu.

Vice-Governor of Jiangxi Inspected NAIPU

Escorted by NAIPU’s managing director Cheng Sheng, the vice governor looked over our pump workshop and vulcanization workshop. He had been informed of our production and sales status by Naipu’s MD before he inquired details of our recruitment, employment and labor circulation as well as the employment status of college graduates. He was pleased to learned that the average income of the employees exceeds three thousand yuan plus “5 insurances and 1 fund” paid by the Company. Regarding our new plant that is under construction and the demand of a doubled workforce due to the expansion, as well as the concern of “recruitment shortage”, Mr Hu Youtao suggested on the site that “You might plan ahead, focus on the local labor resource, strengthen corporation with technical schools and colleges and make reservation of talents.”

Vice-Governor of Jiangxi Inspected NAIPU

Vice-Governor of Jiangxi Inspected NAIPU

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