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Rubber Rotors and Stators for Flotation Machines

Naipu company, supported by designs of BGRIMM, jointly develops and manufactures rotors, stators for flotation machines with fine materials and advanced manufacturing technology, and sizes of our major products are from 50 m3 to 320 m3 .



  • High equilibrium precision, smooth operation;
  • Stable performance, high abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance;
  • Simple structure, reasonable streamline;
  • Guaranteed flotation efficiency;
  • Light in weight, convenient installation and maintenance;
  • A full range of products available, especially middle-sized and large-sized ones: series KYF and XCF rotors and stators for flotation machines as of 320 m3 (the largest in the world at present), 200 m 3 , 160 m 3 , 130 m 3 ,100 m 3 ,70 m 3 , 50 m 3 , etc.

Spares Show

  • Rotor for flotation Cell 320 m<sup>3</sup>

    Rotor for flotation Cell 320 m3

  • Stator and rotor for flotation cell 130 m<sup>3</sup>

    Stator and Rotor for flotation cell 130 m3

  • Stator for flotation cell 320 m<sup>3</sup>

    Stator for flotation cell 320 m3

Design and Technology

  • Taking into consideration of slurry flow direction and wear conditions in a flotation cell, products are designed by using either thick or thin rubber-filled blades to improve wear resistance performance of rotors and stators.
  • With initial product design completed, finite element analysis and wear analysis are conducted for optimization before a final design scheme is determined.
  • Rotors and stators for flotation machines mainly consist of metal inserts and wear resistant rubber. Metal inserts are of fabricated structure, with advanced flame cutting for material preparation, followed by accurate welding under strict process standard, and are also tested with a dynamic balancer for balance inspection so as to guarantee the strength and balance performance of the skeleton inserts for the products.
flotation design


  • flotation machine spares

    Naipu flotation spares applied for KYF-70, KYF-160, KYF-130, KYF-200, WEMCO-130

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