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Naipu Flotation Machine Stator for KYF Naipu Flotation Machine Stator for XCF flotation machine stator
Naipu Flotation Machine Stator for KYF Naipu Flotation Machine Stator for XCF flotation machine stator

Flotation Machine Stator

A stator or diffuser is an important component of a mechanical flotation cell. A stator consists of a number of blades arranged in a concentric circle with gaps to facilitate movement of slurry in the cell tank. A stator is usually mounted on the bottom of the cell tank surrounding the impeller concentrically from its bottom. The impellers and stators are moulded and coated with rubber or polyurethane for abrasion resistance.


Function of stator in flotation machine

Stator of flotation machine has the similar function with steady flow plate, which is used to eliminate spinning of slurries, keeping liquid surface stable. Slurries thrown out of the impeller get knocked with blade, a new vortex formed, which is beneficial to absorb (divide) air and foam split. As a result, design of flotation machine will affect the stability and inflating volume of foam layer.

In design of flotation machine, two main factors are: (a) distance between stator and cell; (b) port area.

Naipu Flotation Machine Stator Models

  1. Naipu mining company supplies stators and rotors for mechanical stirring flotation machines, ranging from 50 m3 to 320 m3.
  2. Naipu supplies a full range of stators and impellers for flotation machine, especially middle-sized and large-sized ones: stators and impellers on KYF type and XCF type flotation machine of 320m3 (largest worldwide), 200m3, 160m3, 130m3, 1003, 703, 503; stators and impellers on BS-K8 type flotation machine.
  1. Naipu keeps long-term cooperation with Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, researching & developing stator and impeller on flotation and other rubber spares jointly.
  2. Stators and impellers on flotation machine manufactured by Naipu are mainly composed of metal framework and wear-resistant rubber. The metal framework is strictly welded with flame cut pieces to ensure intensity and balance of the framework.
  3. Do balance test on the impeller of flotation machine to reduce unbalance loading caused by impeller rotation, thus increasing the running stationarity of impeller.
  4. After primary design, optimize the design with finite element and abrasion analysis, finally determine the designing plan and product model.
  5. Naipu combines rubber mold design with vulcanization technics to manufacture rubber, ensuring products’ performance, meanwhile, greatly reduced production cycle and simplified producing operation.
  6. Naipu rubber is researched and developed by several experts at home. The product performances are all above national standard and some have reached the international level, which has been approved by actual use.


  • flotation machine spares

    Naipu flotation spares applied for KYF-70, KYF-160, KYF-130, KYF-200, WEMCO-130

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