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Naipu Rubber Rotor (Impeller) for KYF Naipu Rubber Rotor (Impeller) for XCF Flotation Machine flotation machine rotor
Naipu Rubber Rotor (Impeller) for KYF Naipu Rubber Rotor (Impeller) for XCF Flotation Machine flotation machine rotor

Flotation Machine Rotor (Impeller)

A mechanical flotation cell essentially consists of a vessel or a tank fitted with an impeller or rotor. Rotor (impeller) is one of the main components of a mechanical stirring flotation machine, which is to stir pulp, circulate pulp, absorb air and disperse air.


The impeller or rotor, also referred to as the agitator, is considered to be the heart of a mechanical flotation cell as it provides the energy to perform the following functions necessary for the flotation process:

  1. Suspension of solids in the cell tank.
  2. Dispersion of air into bubbles.
  3. Creation of microturbulence for effective bubble-particle collision.
  4. Suction of air into the cell in self-induced type cells.

The impeller agitates the slurry to keep particles in suspension, disperses air into fine bubbles and provides an environment in the cell tank for interaction of bubbles and hydrophobic particles and their subsequent attachment and therefore separation of valuable mineral particles from the undesired gangue mineral particles.

When impeller rotates at high speed, a negative pressure is formed in the center, thus air in the conduit is absorbed in, and slurries are absorbed in from side hole or cover plate hole, consequently forming a three-phase flow of solids, liquid and air. With the effect of centrifugal force, the three-phase flow of solids, liquid and air flows outside. When the three-phase flow goes through the cover plate screen, the flow speed is reduced, then air-phase is changed to tenuous foam. This circulation helps to mix the three phases and foam becomes mixed slurries.

Design and Technology

  1. Taking into consideration of slurry flow direction and wear conditions in a flotation cell, products are designed by using either thick or thin rubber-filled blades to improve wear resistance performance of rotors and stators.
  2. With initial product design completed, finite element analysis and wear analysis are conducted for optimization before a final design scheme is determined.
  3. Rotors and stators for flotation machines mainly consist of metal inserts and wear resistant rubber. Metal inserts are of fabricated structure, with advanced flame cutting for material preparation, followed by accurate welding under strict process standard, and are also tested with a dynamic balancer for balance inspection so as to guarantee the strength and balance performance of the skeleton inserts for the products.

Advantages of Naipu Rubber impeller

  1. Fine wear-resistance: as abrasion exists between blade and cover plate, the clearance increases, then cutting action on the slurries will be reduced. This means that wear may cause reduction of treatment effect.
  2. Stable at temperature of 20-60deg C;
  3. Certain impact strength.
  1. Jinchuan Group, Gansu: KYF-50 flotation machines;
  2. Dongguashan Copper, Tongling Non-ferrous Metals, Anhui: WEMCO-130 flotation machines;
  3. Erdenet Concentrator, Mongolia: WEMCO-130 flotation machines;
  4. Wunugetu Mountain Cu&Mo, China National Gold Group: KYF-160 flotation machines;
  5. Dashan Concentrator, Dexing Copper, JCC: KYF-200, KYF-160, KYF-70 flotation machines;
  6. Sizhou Concentrator, Dexing Copper, JCC: KYF-130 flotation machines;
  7. Peru Project of Chinalco Group: KYF-320 flotation machines


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    Naipu flotation spares applied for KYF-70, KYF-160, KYF-130, KYF-200, WEMCO-130

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