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 rubber lined hydrocyclone Single Cyclone cyclone cluster
 rubber lined hydrocyclone Single Cyclone cyclone cluster

Single Hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclones are important classifiers in ore dressing concentrators, especially for separating fines, and are also applied in desliming, sand removing and thickening. Naipu manufactured hydrocyclones are lined with resistant rubber or polyurethane. The technic level of Naipu rubber liner applied in hydrocyclones has reached international standard. The underflow opening of hydrocyclone applies wear-resistant material such as corundum and SiC.


Application of Hydrocyclone in Mining

One stage closed circuits grinding

1. Cyclone and one-stage ball mill form a closed circuit grinding-classification system. The advantages of this system are less occupied area, high efficiency of classification, easy regulated sand-return load, more reasonable composition of overflow size;

2. According to the requirements of overflow size, density, sand-return load and ore grinding density, choose the cone of different angle; choose exact overflow pipe and underflow opening.

Two stage closed circuits grinding or concentrates (middlings) regrinding and classification

1. Reasonable structural design and highly smoothed inner surface reduced the inner flow disturbance of hydrocyclone, highly increasing the efficiency and precision of classification.

2. Naipu hydrocyclone has been applied on nonferrous metal mine, acquiring much experience and data at site. Naipu can provide professional and customized design for special requirements.

Thickening and dehydration of concentrates (tailings)

1. Through combining hydrocyclone with thickener and filter, thickening and dehydration can be accomplished efficiently. After thickening by hydrocyclone, the underset density is increased, which contributes to filtration. Meanwhile, decreasing of overflow density lightens load of thickener.

2. Hydrocyclones of small-angle cone or multi-cone are usually applied, which can acquire high underset density.

Working principal of hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone is an efficient classification device which separates different solids by size through the centrifugal force when suspending in the slurry. Feed the mixed slurry from inlet upper the hydrocyclone with pressure, then slurry will rotate in cylindrical shell. As the density difference between light phase and heavy phase and the particle size difference between course and fine particles, the centrifugal force and liquid drag are different, so most of the light phase (fine particles) are discharged through the overflow pipe, while heavy phase (course particles) are discharged through underflow outlet.

Features of Naipu Hydrocyclone

  1. Simple structure, low cost, easy installation and operation;
  2. Small volume, less covered, high capacity, low operational cost;
  3. Easy treating technic, convenient management;
  4. Wide application, fine wear-resistance, long service life;
  5. High classifying precision, high efficiency;


  • Hydrocyclones

    With the changes occurring in the ore dressing industry globally, the mineral processing equipment is getting bigger and bigger.

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