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rubber end plate rubber end plate rubber end plate
rubber end plate rubber end plate rubber end plate

Rubber End Plate

Rubber end plate can be used to increase the efficiency of grinding applied on AG / SAG mill, and ball mills. On the other hand, it is able to protect mining mill end cover. The end plate is installed on the discharging end. Composed of metallic framework and wear-resisting rubber, rubber plate for grinder has good performance and is light. In addition, it has a simple structure, thus easy to install.


Naipu advantages of Rubber End Plate

  • Wide range of performance and unique wear-resistant design
  • High efficiency and high performance cost ratio
  • Easy maintenance and convenient repair of rubber end plate

Material- Natural Rubber

  • High elasticity which enables it to absorb shock, thus much more resistant to erosion
  • Chemical stability
  • Absorption of noise and vibration, making rubber plate for grinder environmentally-friendly
  • Small density

Technology Superiority of Rubber End Plate

The company has a first-class R&D team of fluid dynamics, mechanical design, rubber formulation and process. Besides, it has domestically leading R&D and innovation capabilities. What’s more, the company cooperates with universities and institutes to win technological supports.

Quality Tests on Rubber End Plate

Operator makes the first test to control feeding; quality inspector inspects to control process; and then qualitative check member makes the final inspect to control product.


  • mill spares

    In Australia, China, Brazil, etc, rubber trommels used widely in ball mills and SAG mills.

  • mill spares

    Rubber and alloy composite liners applied in mines by Naipu clients in China, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan etc.

  • DX mine SAG mill

    Results of rubber liners and metal liners applied on 08.5x4m SAG mill at Tongling Dongguashan Mine are as follows.

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