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rubber liners rubber liners for ball mill SAG mill rubber liners
rubber liners rubber liners for ball mill SAG mill rubber liners

Rubber Liners (Ball, AG, SAG Mill)

Wear resistant rubber liners manufactured by Naipu are widely used in non-ferrous and ferrous metals mining, coal and power plants. Gradually rubber liners are replacing traditional cast steel liners, winning users' positive comments. After long term of R&D, design and test, Naipu has successfully applied rubber liners, composite liners and rubber trommel screens in ball mills, SAG mills and AG mills, and has achieved significant tech breakthrough and innovation. Naipu also has long term strategic cooperation partnership with large enterprises and institutes in China as of CITIC Heavy Industries and others.


Rubber Liners Showroom

mill rubber liner

NAIPU lifters are made of tough abrasion resistant rubber with decades of proven field use, guaranteeing their ability to withstand the relentless pounding of mill action. They are available in a selection of profile designs and heights to give unexcelled performance under various grinding mill conditions.

NAIPU's rubber liners are designed and arranged so that the lifter bars can be easily replaced without affecting the shell plates, which can outlast lifter bars by at least two to one. Our lifter bars are engineered to be compatible with most shell and end liner plate designs.

Performance Features

Rubber Mill Liners are chosen for most primary, secondary and tertiary ball mills. And in many cases rubber components are best suited for specific areas in AG and SAG mills.

Naipu has supplied complete rubber linings in some of the largest ball mills for CITIC Heavy Industries from China and others. We have supplied Rubber Liners for more than 100 mills worldwide.

  • High abrasion resistance, with service life 1.5 times longer than that of metal ones
  • Lower noise by 8-10db than that of metal ones
  • Light in weight, resulting in easy installation and disassembling (taking only 1/3 of the time needed for installing or removing metal liners)
  • High price/performance ratio


  • mill spares

    In Australia, China, Brazil, etc, rubber trommels used widely in ball mills and SAG mills.

  • mill spares

    Rubber and alloy composite liners applied in mines by Naipu clients in China, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan etc.

  • DX mine SAG mill

    Results of rubber liners and metal liners applied on 08.5x4m SAG mill at Tongling Dongguashan Mine are as follows.

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