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rubber trommel screen screen rubber spares rubber trommel screen for sale
rubber trommel screen screen rubber spares rubber trommel screen for sale

Rubber Trommel Screen (Rotary Screen)

Trommel screens, also known as trommels or rotary screens, have been getting more and more popular around the world as classification equipment, associated with the features of simple structure, easy installation, reliable operation and high efficiency. They are broadly applied in the discharge ends of AG mills, SAG mills and ball mills to classify materials. They are a success in mineral processing plants of non-ferrous metals mines.


Performance and features

Trommel screens (rotary screens) manufactured by Naipu have not only combined characteristics of those trommels around the world, but also possess the technology uniquely developed by Naipu. As a result, our products have features as below:

  • High screening efficiency, less blockage;
  • Simple structure, less space demanded, easy installation and maintenance, no designated driver or power source needed.

Shapes of holes in various sieve

shapes of holes
  • Square holes: mostly applied and accurate, suitable for screen-separating of regularly-shaped particles
  • Rectangular holes: when thicker screen wires are used, the precision rate drops due to high hole-opening rate and high throughput.
  • Long three-weft holes: It has the highest hole-opening rate, but has a poor precision rate, if used by shifting it by 90 degrees, the precision rate will be improved, owning to the long holes and the vibration of screen wires, blockage does not tend to occur long three-weft holes
  • Round: long service life, high precision, easy to be blocked; poor efficiency and low conveying capacity.
  • Triangle: High precision, high efficiency, poor capacity in anti-blockage and conveying, and holes enlarged after wears.
  • Equilateral triangle| grizzly type: Conveying capacity increases with the increasing of the height of rods, and the efficiency slightly drops when the rods become straight at both sides, and blockage gets worse.
  • Guide-track type: Normally it is combined with a grizzly in order to protect the rods and reduce the wear.
  • Angled arrangement: It can be used on any horizontal screen so as to increase the conveying capacity.
  • Loose rod arrangement: It can reduce blockage, but has a poor precision rate.

Illustration of Screen Panel Installation

  • Trommel screen panels and bafflers are made of high abrasion resistant rubber or polyurethane. Different apertures and shapes can be made on the panels according to clients' requirements. Materials and designs are optional per customer's requirements, with their service life lasts one year or two.
  • Screen panels are inlaid. No bolts are used, making the installation and disassembling easy and reliable. Frame bars are stainless steel made, requiring no replacement for a long time. It is a structure with the least frequency of screen panel replacement around the world at present.
  • Low maintenance cost.

Form of Structure

Rubber trommel screens consist of metal frames and rubber or polyurethane screen panels. Naipu engineers rubber trommel screens with various structures suitable for ore dressing processing per clients' requirements.

Pre-classifying Reverse Spiral Trommel

spiral trommel

Cylindrical Trommel

cylindrical trommel

Double-deck Mass and Size Classifying Trommel

double deck mass trommel

Outer Circulating Conical Trommel

outer circulating conical trommel

Application Instruction

  • Cylindrical trommels and outer circulating conical trommels are mainly used for mass classifying, coarse particle separation and scats removal at mill discharge ends, so as to improve hydrocyclone's classification efficiency and pump's service life.
  • A Pre-classifying Reverse Spiral Trommel is used at grate mill or AG mill discharge end for discharge classification so as to control feed size into the mill in the second stage and to meet the metallurgical requirements.
  • A Mass and Size Classifying Trommel can both remove scats and control feed size into the mill in the next stage, with middling’s returned for regrinding.


  • mill spares

    In Australia, China, Brazil, etc, rubber trommels used widely in ball mills and SAG mills.

  • mill spares

    Rubber and alloy composite liners applied in mines by Naipu clients in China, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan etc.

  • DX mine SAG mill

    Results of rubber liners and metal liners applied on 08.5x4m SAG mill at Tongling Dongguashan Mine are as follows.

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