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250NZJL Slurry Pump 250NZJL pump Naipu 250NZJL
250NZJL Slurry Pump 250NZJL pump Naipu 250NZJL

250NZJL-M/-MR Slurry Pump

Slurry Pump type: 250NZJL-M/MR
Inlet diameter: 305mm; Outlet diameter: 254mm; Bracket code: NE/120KW, HE/225KW, NF/260KW, HR/300KW; Max. rev.: 1000rpm
Impeller material: alloy; liner material: rubber; Blade diameter: 550mm; Max. diameter of impeller: 571mm; part code of impeller: L-F25005-M
Impeller type: CLOSED; Blade no.: 5; max. passing diameter:83mm.

GLAND SEAL: pump efficiency changes with the type of gland seal. Pump efficiency of expeller seal is about 5% lower than that of gland seal. Different structure of impeller leads to different pump efficiency. As we are always improving the pump performance, changes of performance curve may not be informed timely.


*The above power value refers to the limiting power which the corresponding shaft bearing can transfer, not the power of matched motor. Max. rev. in the curve refers to the limiting working rev. of the pump. If the pump is applied above the limiting rev., please consult the pump company of Naipu Group (NAIPU SLURRY PUMP DIVISION). This performance curve is drawn from the test result which is done according to the Grade C Standard of ISO2548, with clear water as transferring media. If the transferring media is not clear water, please take the influences of density and viscosity of media and the influence of solid in to consideration. IF necessary, you can consult the pump company of Naipu Group (NAIPU SLURRY PUMP DIVISION).


  • Mongolia slurry pump

    Naipu slurry pump 550 used in CNGG Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd

  • cyclone feed pump

    3 sets of Naipu cyclone feed pumps used in Yinchun Luming Mining plants.

  • 450 slurry pumps

    Naipu 450 slurry pumps were used in primary mill classifying plants in Tongguan Mining.

  • gold mine slurry pump

    Naipu supply 16 sets of 450 slurry pump for KSO and SABC circuit mill.

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